How Idealings can help

Your Challenge

“I would like to get an architectural design and energy efficient building following the Passive House standard.”

Our Value

With our strong experience in architecture combined with Passive House expertise, we will take through the journey to create your ideal building and therefore develop a building that combines your aesthetic features, your required functionality and thermal performance.

Your Benefits

You get an ideally balanced design and performing building that suits your needs of aesthetic, sustainability, quality and durability.

Latest projects

IDEALINGSARCHITECTURE is currently delivering Design projects for residential buildings, based in Perth suburbs.



Perth, Western Australia


BEACH HOUSE – Coming soon

Perth, Western Australia

What we offer

IDEALINGSARCHITECTURE offer three Design packages based on your budget and needs.

Design Package 1
Concept Design

Concept Drawing Set
Massing Model
Preliminary PHPP

Design Package 2
Design Development

Package 1 inclusions
Development Approval Application Set

Design Package 3
Design Documentation

Package 2 inclusions
Construction Drawing Set
(optional) Tender report

Package fees are based on the project complexity. Please be in touch for a quote.