Consultancy Projects

How we can help

Your Challenge

“I would like to optimise the energy performance of my existing building and/or existing building design.”

Our Value

With our strong construction market knowledge and expertise in Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) model and Design PH model, we take your through the journey of finding the most optimised cost and thermal performance for your existing building design and/or existing building.

Your Benefits

You get an overview of your current building and/or building design performance, the recommended cost effective improvements to reach Passive House standards, and any Passive House critical documentations. All the deliverables will be thoroughly explained to you giving you all the key elements to progress your building confidently and can be shared with your contracted designers/architects and future builders for their consideration.

Some real projects

IDEALINGSARCHITECTURE has delivered Consultancy projects for residential and educational buildings, based in Western Australia (Perth suburbs and Margaret River) and in South Australia.

What we offer

IDEALINGSARCHITECTURE offers three Consultancy packages based on your budget and needs.

Consultancy Package 1

Massing Model
Preliminary PHPP

Consultancy Package 2

Package 1 Inclusions
Performance options

Consultancy Package 3

Package 2 Inclusions
Construction details
Systems guidance

Package fees are based on the project complexity. Please be in touch for a quote.